Growing up in Germany, Susan realized early on how important each piece of jewelry can be to its owner, and how sentimental the gift of jewelry can truly be. Her mother would have stud earrings made for her and her sister by taking old silver spoons to the local goldsmith. This ritual made her regard jewelry as something very special as she still has some of those studs in her jewelry chest. Years later that fascination with jewelry persisted, and after settling down with her husband and children in L.A., she left a career in the entertainment industry to launch her own jewelry line. Today, RubyLena makes it's home in beautiful New England. Surrounded by creativity and lots of girl power, each piece is designed and created in her sunny studio.


Each piece of jewelry is designed and sculpted by hand, resulting in timeless pieces suitable for every woman. By adding just the right amount of shimmer we accentuate the beauty of the wearer and evoke a warm playfulness. Each piece is elegant enough for a special occasion, but light and simple enough to wear every day.


"We are better together” One of the aspects loved the most by Susan is the fact that as a small business owner she gets to work with other small business owners and artisans. Employing local professionals and artisans strengthens our communities, keeps jobs in the US and helps others live the life they dreamed of.


From the very beginning, giving back has been an important part of Susan's company. Here at RubyLena we believe that “there is no reason too small and no effort too big” when it comes to making a positive difference on someones life.


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